Nuove costruzioni e ristrutturazioni edilizie

- Power station responsible for teleheating in Cinisello(MI)
- Structural reinforcements and large reinforced concrete foundation pit at "Italghisa" in Bagnolo Mella (BS)
- Residential building in Albignano (MI) (structure and roof) - Residential building in Cassina de Pecchi (MI) (structure and roof) - N. 5 terraced houses (energy class A) in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) (turn-key)
- Residential building of 4 units in Inzago (MI) (basic structure)


- N. 2 semi-detached houses and a three family townhouse in Cassano D'Adda (MI) (structure and roof) - N. 2 Residential buildings in Ghemme (NO) (structure and roof) - Renovation of small office building at "Italghisa" in Bagnolo Mella (BS) (turn-key) - N. 10 terraced houses in Pessano con Bornago (MI) (basic structure) - Luxury house in Paullo(MI)(basic structure, swimming-pool and garden)
- N.2 Residential buildings in Fara Gera D'Adda (BG) (structure and roof)  


- Renovation of tower and roofs at Castelletto di Branduzzo castle (PV) - Renovation of commercial building in Trenzano (BS) (turn-key) - N. 3 Residential buildings in Lumellogno (NO) (structure and roof) - Residential building in Gorgonzola (MI) (structure and roof) - Residential building of 24 units in Milano (structure, roof and external walls) - Adding an additional floor to restaurant in Gorgonzola (MI)


- Residential building in Milano (turn-key)
- Renovation of farmhouse roofs in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV
- Luxury house in Celle Ligure (SV) (basic structure)
- Renovation of N. 4 apartments in Pavia

- Luxury house in Celle Ligure (SV) (work in progress)
- Hotel in Parabiago (MI) (work in progress)